Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10

You wrote your Trial Final Exam today. You will get the results of this exam tomorrow, as well as your school awarded mark in Social 30-1 (this is the mark that will count for 50%, with the Diploma Exam counting for the other 50%). Please go directly to the Blenheim Room tomorrow.

We played a game of review Jeopardy today. You have one week to prepare for your Social 20-1 Final Exam Part B. It is a 100 multiple choice question exam, and it is a tough test, especially if you don't study and prepare for it. STUDY! You'll find out what your mark is going into Part B in tomorrow's class. Please go directly to the Blenheim Room tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

June 9

I had you sign off on which test you want to wipe out with your Trial Final tomorrow. You were supposed to initial next to the mark that I picked out as your lowest mark. I had you split into small groups and each group was given a three source analysis assignment to analyze. I then had each group come up to the front of the classroom to present their three sources and analysis of the sources. Remember to study for your Trial Final tomorrow. Do some practice multiple choice questions from the back of your Social 30-1 study booklets.

  • Part A of the Diploma Exam is on Monday, June 15th
  • Part B of the Diploma Exam is on Thursday, June 18th

I did a homework check on your Chapter 16 Key Terms and Questions today at the beginning of class. You had class time to work with a partner on Unit 3 sample multiple choice questions. Tomorrow, we'll be playing a game of review Jeopardy!

Please remember that you are writing Part B of the Social 20-1 Final Exam on Wednesday, June 17th at 1-3 pm.

Monday, June 08, 2015

June 8

We finished watching the HBO documentary "Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech" today. I also reminded you that you will be writing Part A of your Diploma Exam one week from today. I went through the active citizenship essay outline today. You can find this outline on the Social 30-1 wiki, as well as this essay with comments on it. Please remember that you have your Trial Final on Wednesday, use the study guide in the back of your Social 30-1 booklets.

You were given Unit 4 multiple choice questions today that you answered while working with a partner. On your Final Exam Part B there will be 100 multiple choice questions, and 10 of them will come from Unit 4.

Friday, June 05, 2015

June 5

I gave you back your Unit 3 WRA I assignments today. We started looking at , and issues surrounding freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom to peacefully assemble. We started watching "Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge Free Speech" today and we'll be able to finish this on Monday. Please remember that you have your Trial Final Exam on Wednesday.

I went through a PowerPoint lecture called "Regional Disparity" today. I also assigned your Chapter 14 and 15 Key Terms and Questions for Monday.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

June 4

You wrote your Unit 3 Final Exam today, so you should get the results for this test back tomorrow. If you were off on the Phys Ed camping trip this week, you will be writing your Chapter 10 Test tomorrow. We'll be starting an examination of issues surrounding the First Amendment tomorrow. Please remember that you have your Trial Final on Wednesday, June 10th. Please use the detailed study guide for your Diploma Exam that is at the back of your Social 30-1 study booklet. Your Chapter 12 Key Terms and Questions are due tomorrow (Friday, June 5th).

You wrote Part A of your Final Exam today in the Blenheim Room. We'll be looking at regionalism and regional disparity in Canada tomorrow.