Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November 21

We spent the entire class period in the Red Lab working on a Case Study 1 Review Google Doc. This review Doc is due on Tuesday, November 28th. The chart will be for homework check marks. The sample Paper 1 is for marks. The two mini-essays will also be marked. Do not take extra time to write these assignments. Take 60 minutes to write the sample Paper 1. Take 30 minutes for each mini-essay, 60 minutes total. You will still be writing a Paper 1 in class on Friday, November 24th. We'll be starting Case Study 2 for Prescribed Subject 3 tomorrow.

We continued watching "The Corporation" today, and we'll be able to finish it up tomorrow, except for maybe in my Period 4 class (due to the length of the lockdown practice today). One week from tomorrow (Wednesday, November 29th), you'll be writing the Chapter 10-11 Test. The study guide will go up tomorrow on the blog.

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 20

We finished off the last topic in our first case study for Prescribed Subject 3 (The Move to Global War). We'll be doing some review tomorrow on the Japanese expansion in Asia in the Red Lab, please go there directly. We'll be starting the case study on Italian and German expansion on the road to WWII on Wednesday. Please remember that you are writing your Paper 1 on case study 1 on Friday, November 24th.

We finished watching the key parts of "Life + Debt" today. We moved on to a film study for "The Corporation", which we will watch in parts for the next few days. One week from Wednesday you will writing the Chapter 10-11 Test, so watch for the study guide to go up on Wednesday. The Chapter 10-11 Test will be on Wednesday, November 29th.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

November 16

You started a film study today on the movie "Life + Debt". We'll finish it off (if you didn't complete it) on Monday. As you were watching this film, you should have been taking notes on it, and completing the film study questions. your WTO charts and Chapter 11 Key Terms and Questions are due on Monday, November 20th.

You finished off the documentary "Nanking" today. You had the remainder of class time to work on essay preparation for your Paper 1 that you're writing on November 24th. Don't forget that your Paper 1 assignment is due on Monday, November 20th. you're going to hand in a hard copy and a digital copy of this assignment.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

November 15

You had a brief four corners debate today on the "Dilemmas of Global Trade". After you finished this activity, you had some class time to work on your Chapter 11 Key Terms and Questions. These key terms and questions are due on Monday, November 20th, as is your WTO chart.

You had the entire period to work on your Paper 1 assignment today in the Red Lab. Remember, you're handing in a hard copy AND a digital copy of this assignment on Monday, November 20th.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November 14

You started watching a documentary today called "Nanking". you'll finish up this film on Thursday. Tomorrow, you'll be going to the Red Lab to work on your Paper 1 assignment, which is due on Monday, November 20th.

Please make sure that you go to the Social 10-1 wiki and download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation "The Expansion of Economic Globalization". I will not be delivering this lecture in class. Print off a hard copy with 4 slides per page. You were given booklets on the WTO, IMF and World Bank today. These booklets have criticisms of these global financial institutions. You have a homework assignment from this booklet. You need to create a detailed chart on the advantages and disadvantages of the WTO. This WTO chart is due on Monday, November 20th.