Thursday, June 08, 2017

June 8

You wrote Part A of your Final Exam today. I REALLY can't promise that I will have this marked prior to when you have to write your Part B (June 16th), since that's such a fast turn-around for marking for me. I'll try to mark them as quickly as I can. Don't forget that you have your Unit 4 Final Exam on Monday, June 12th. We're playing a review game tomorrow.

You're writing this exam on Monday, June 12th. Make sure that you study material from the following PowerPoint presentations:
  • Effects of Globalization on Individuals and Communities
  • Impacts of Globalization on Groups in Society
  • Quality of Life, Human Rights and Democratization
  • don't review the Biofuels Controversy presentation (that lecture might be the basis of the Part A of your Final Exam)
Know your Unit 4 Key Terms and Concepts from the Unit 4 Worksheet and PowerPoint presentations extremely well.

We did another round of pair partner tests today (not for marks), this gives you an opportunity to see the type of questions that you might see on the Final Exam Part "B", which you'll be writing on June 15th. The study guide for the Part "B" is in your Social 20-1 workbooks.

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