Tuesday, June 07, 2016

June 7

I tied up some loose ends today with the USA PATRIOT Act by giving some notes on the USA PATRIOT Act, the USA PATRIOT Re-authorization and Improvement Act (2005) and the USA FREEDOM Act (2015). If you'd like to learn more about Edward Snowden (mentioned in the notes), please see the following links:

Here's some more information on Snowden:

Please remember that you'e writing your Trial Final Exam tomorrow

We finished off "Citizen Four" today. I gave you a look at all of your marks on major tests this semester so we're clear on which test you'll be wiping out with the Trial Final. You're writing the Trial Final tomorrow, the study guide is at the back of your Social 30-1 workbooks.

We started our film study of "Contagion" today, we'll finish it off on Thursday. Please remember that you're writing your Final Exam Part A (WRA I) tomorrow in the Blue Lab in the Library, so please go there directly.

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