Monday, June 06, 2016

June 6

Please remember that you are writing the Social 30-1 Trial Final on Wednesday, June 8th. This exam will count for marks! The study guide is at the back of your Social 30-1 workbooks. If you want some practice multiple choice questions, you could try out the following link to Quest A+ (you can select a practice test or released items).

I showed you a video from the CBC News in Review series on "9/11: The Day that Changed the World" (this video was from five years after 9/11). Post-9/11, the United States passed the USA PATRIOT Act and began to engage in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Out of these conflicts the US captured prisoners in their "war on terror". Some these "unlawful enemy combatants" were detained at Guantanamo Bay where they were interrogated using "enhanced interrogation techniques". I showed you a reaction video on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee's Report on Torture.

You got your Unit 3 WRA II Essays back, finally. I also handed back all of your homework checked work. I took in your Chapter 18-19 Key Terms and Questions for your last homework check in Social 10-1. I had you write a Unit 4 partner test for part of the remainder of class time, and then afterwards we played a few rounds of Kahoot review games. Tomorrow we'll start a film study of "Contagion".

We started a film study of "Citizen Four" the 2014 Academy Award Winner for documentary feature on Edward Snowden. We'll finish off this film study tomorrow. You're writing your Trial Final Exam on Wednesday, June 8th, this test wipes out your lowest major test mark. I'll probably have a print out of all of your tests that you've written this semester, and you'll have to determine which one you want to be wiped out.

Here's some more information on Snowden:

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