Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 10

I had you fill out the scantron sheet for your Final Exam Part "B", you were also assigned your seat for the exam. Please remember that this final exam will be written on Friday, January 19th from 9 am to 11 am in the Main Gym. If you miss this final exam, you will NOT be given a second chance to write it. Make sure that you show up by 8:45 am with your textbook (drop it off in the bins outside the Business Office). Depending on which class of mine you're in you would played a different review game that took the entire period. I'll see you in class again on Tuesday. I will post a schedule of my availability here on the blog tomorrow. I won't be available tomorrow because I am supervising the English 30-1 Diploma Exam. You NEED to start reviewing for your Social 10-1 Final Exam. 

I showed you the video "Blitzkrieg to the Bomb" and gave you a notes package to go along with it. We started another video called "White Light/Black Rain" that we will finish off on Monday of next week. I'll be breaking you into debate groups next week. We'll be debating the usage of the atomic bomb to end the war in the Pacific in 1945.

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