Monday, January 08, 2018

Jauary 8

Welcome back! I hope that you all enjoyed your much-needed break!

I gave you some time at the beginning of class to read through the booklet of readings and maps on WWII from the book "The Map History of the Modern World". You should have read, highlighted and annotated this entire booklet today (if you didn't finish this in class, consider it homework). We watched Episode 7 of WWII in Colour today. We'll be looking at the Normandy invasion tomorrow and wrapping up WWII in the European theatre in tomorrow's class.

We did some housekeeping today at the beginning of class, with me giving back your Unit 3 WRA II Essays and TNC Dossier Assignments. I also showed you the results of Part A of the Final Exam, and your current overall mark going into Part B on Friday, January 19th. Part B of the Final Exam is 80 multiple choice questions, it's worth 15% of your final mark in the course, and you will have 2 hours to write it. Most of you will be in the Main Gym for this exam. We started a film study of "Contagion" today which we'll finish off tomorrow.

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