Monday, February 12, 2018

February 12

We started the Cold War today. I sent you the notes package and the Google Slides for today's lecture on the "Origins of the Cold War", so hopefully you printed off a hard copy for yourself. If you haven't yet, I would recommend printing off the lecture (with 4 slides per page). I should be able to finish off the lecture tomorrow. During our Cold War unit, for the most part I will stick to a chronological approach, while also covering key themes and concepts.

You wrote your World Geography Test at the start of class today. You should get the results back tomorrow. I gave you back your global connections map assignment (they were generally really well done). We didn't quite finish watching "Whale Rider" today, so we'll finish it off tomorrow and answer the questions that went along with the film study. I also did a homework check on your Chapter 2 Key Terms and Questions today. Please make sure that you get approval of your topic for the universalization and hybridization infographic assignment. This assignment is due on February 21st. Please have a look at the following websites to help build your infographic:

You wrote your World Geography Test today, so you should get the results back tomorrow. We finished watching the History Channel documentary on "The French Revolution". We'll be starting our look at Napoleon Bonaprte tomorrow.

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