Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26

We watched a documentary today called "Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam", as you watched this film you should have seen a change in the troops themselves and the dip in support for the war back home in the United States. I will share with you a Google Doc with the Vietnam War Assignment (please see below), more information on the Vietnam War, and a track list of the songs from the documentary today. I have marked your Paper 2 essays on the origins of the Cold War that you wrote on Friday, but I needed to get through the documentary in class today, I'll start with these essays tomorrow.

Your Vietnam War Assignment is due on Monday, March 5th
Identify and explain the role each played in the Vietnam War
1. Ho Chi Minh
2. Ngo Dinh Diem
3. Lyndon B. Johnson
4. Richard M. Nixon
5. Viet Minh
6. Viet Cong
7. Le Duc Tho
8. Henry Kissinger
9. William Westmoreland
10. "Draft Dodger"

Explain the significance of the following with regards to the Vietnam War (identify participants or individuals if appropriate)
1. Ho Chi Minh Trail
2. defoliation
3. "search and destroy" mission
4. "Vietnamization of the war"
5. Gulf of Tonkin Incident
6. My Lai Massacre
7. domino theory
8. Kent State University protest (May 4, 1970)
9. Tet Offensive (January 1968)
10. Geneva Agreement (1954)

Provide the information requested
1. The predominant religion of Vietnam
2. The battle which marked the end of French colonial rule in Indo-China
3. The scandal which led to the only resignation of an American President
4. The Vice President who replaced the President after his resignation
5. Why was November 1963 a "bad month" for the governments of South Vietnam and the United States?

We started talking about how to write a WRA I source analysis assignment today. I gave you a writing guide, and a guide to analyze political cartoons as well. We looked at techniques of political cartoonists as well. I'll post the PowerPoint on the wiki that I showed you in class today.  Please remember that you are writing your Chapter 3-4 Test this Friday, please see the study guide below.

Your next test is on Friday, March 2nd, please see the study guide below. 

This test will be written on Friday, March 2nd. It is a matching test with a long answer section. 
  • Know the key terms from Chapter 3-4
  • Be able to answer the Questions for Inquiry in Chapters 3-4 (they appear on p.49, p.53, p.58, p.73, p.80)
  • Know relevant case studies from Chapters 3-4: the Francophones, the Aborigines and the Lubicon, as well as other relevant examples related to assimilation, marginalization, accommodation and integration

I did a homework check today on your Chapter 3 Key Terms and Questions. I gave you a work period to work on your Chapter 4 Key Terms and Questions, which are due on Wednesday. I'll be re-teaching you how to write a source analysis tomorrow in class, and then on Wednesday, February 28th and you'll be writing a WRA I during class.

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