Tuesday, June 05, 2018

June 5

Today you wrote a practice Social 30-1 Diploma Part B in class. I've posted the PDF on the wiki on the Diploma Exam Review page. Please remember that you are writing a Trial Final Exam this Thursday, which will count for marks. The study guide is the same as for the actual Diploma Exam, it's at the back of your green coursebooks (pages 88-97).

Today's an interesting anniversary:

I also found this other article when I was looking around The Guardian website: Edward Snowden: The People are still powerless, but now they're aware

You wrote the Unit 3 Final Exam today. I'll post the results to HomeLogic this afternoon. Tomorrow, you are writing the Part A of the Final Exam. You're writing in Room 104 tomorrow. you won't get the essay question sheet in advance. Part A counts for 10% of your final mark in Social Studies 20-1, while Part B counts for 20%. You can find the study guide for both parts at the back of your coursebooks on pages 311-314.

We finished watching the movie "Contagion" today. I split you into small groups to play a quick review game today as well. Don't forget that you're writing Part A of the Final Exam on Thursday, June 7th. Part B is one week later on June 14th. Part A counts for 10% and Part B for 15% of your final grade in Social Studies 10-1. Please make sure that you've picked up a copy of the final exam study guide from me.

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