Tuesday, September 26, 2017

September 26

We finished off the "Roaring Twenties" video that we started yesterday. You had the remainder of class time to work on your 1920s Study Guide, which is due on Thursday, September 28th

Don't forget that I assigned some textbook work that is due this week. All of this textbook work is out of the old 20th Century History Companion textbook. Here's what you need to completed by Wednesday, September 27th:

  • Page 210 Activity (map of Europe)
  • Activity on page 215 (historiography causes of WWI)
  • Page 18 Source Analysis (political cartoon)
  • Page 19 TOK link on Wilson's 14 Points
  • Source Analysis Page 22-23 

I introduced you to the WRA I style writing assignment today. We'll be working on some sample WRA I three source analysis samples tomorrow. I collected your Illustrated Concept Map Assignments today and did a homework check on your "Bend it Like Beckham" film study booklets. Your Chapter 4 Key Terms and Questions are due on Wednesday, September 27th, and your Chapter 5 Key Terms and Questions are due on September 28th

One week from today you'll be writing your Chapter 3-4 Test, please see the study guide below. 

This test will be written on Tuesday, October 3rd. It is a matching test with a long answer section. 
  • Know the key terms from Chapter 3-4
  • Be able to answer the Questions for Inquiry in Chapters 3-4 (they appear on p.49, p.53, p.58, p.73, p.80)
  • Know relevant case studies from Chapters 3-4: the Francophones, the Aborigines and the Lubicon, as well as other relevant examples related to assimilation, marginalization, accommodation and integration

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