Wednesday, September 27, 2017

September 27

Both classes were in a computer lab working on difference Google Doc groups to practice writing sample WRA I assignments. Please be ready to hand in your Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 Key Terms and Questions tomorrow. Your Chapter 3-4 Test is on Tuesday, October 3rd, please see the study guide below.

This test will be written on Tuesday, October 3rd. It is a matching test with a long answer section. 
  • Know the key terms from Chapter 3-4
  • Be able to answer the Questions for Inquiry in Chapters 3-4 (they appear on p.49, p.53, p.58, p.73, p.80)
  • Know relevant case studies from Chapters 3-4: the Francophones, the Aborigines and the Lubicon, as well as other relevant examples related to assimilation, marginalization, accommodation and integration

I did a homework check on your IB 20th Century History companion textbook. I covered a lot of Social 30-1 basic economic principles. I taught you about scarcity, basic economic values, basic economic questions, basic economic systems and how they would answer the basic economic questions. I also did a review of the principles of collectivism (PRINCE) and the principles of individualism (PRICES). I also reviewed the economic spectrum and the economic-political grid. Your 1920s Study Guide is due tomorrow.

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