Thursday, March 08, 2018

March 8

Today you worked in small groups as representatives of Russia, France, Great Britain, and Austria-Hungary, and tried to avert the outbreak of the First World War. Hopefully you had fun!

You went through the "recipe for success" today in class, and you had a chance to see a sample WRA II essay sheet. In small groups you should brainstormed argumentation and evidence. In tomorrow's class you will get the actual Unit 1 WRA II Essay question sheet.

You watched the final episode of the CNN Cold War series "Conclusions" (1989-1991). I created a Google Doc for this video, so hopefully you've added your notes to it. Please be aware that you have your Cold War Exam on Tuesday, March 13th, please see the study guide below.

On Tuesday, March 13th you will have a Cold War Unit Exam. Please see the study guide below. This test will be a Social 30-1 test and it will be all multiple choice test format

Make sure that you know all the Cold War concepts: 
    • deterrence
    • disarmament
    • isolationism
    • appeasement
    • collective security
    • direct confrontation
    • brinkmanship
    • containment
    • detente
    • collective intervention
    Be able to define the following key concepts:
    • superpower
    • sphere of influence
    • arms race
    • Suez Canal War 1956
    • brinkmanship
    • Korean War
    • Cold War
    • decolonization
    • Cuban Missile Crisis
    • detente
    • NATO
    • collective security
      • know the chronology of events of the Cold War (study timelines. Please check under Social 30-1 Links on the blog for links to the Cold War timelines)
      • know key events that we've emphasized in class (for example: Berlin Airlift, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam War, Afghanistan) plus other key events from the timeline
      • know major arms reduction agreements (bilateral agreements and multilateral agreements), please study the notes that I gave you on this (detailed notes and the chart)
      • know about the formation of alliances (NATO, Warsaw Pact, SEATO, etc.) and the formation of "spheres of influence"
      • know examples of American intervention in their "backyard" (Western Hemisphere, notes package plus notes from the CNN video useful here)
      • anything that I gave you as a handout/notes on the wiki is testable material and should be reviewed!!
      • know how the Cold War ends and its results/consequences

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