Monday, May 14, 2018

May 14

I gave you back the results of your Chapter 1-2 Test today, and gave back the Paper 3 that you wrote on the Civil Rights Movement. Today's class was focused reviewing how to write the WRA I. I gave you a revised version of the writing guide (this time it's a yellow booklet). You MUST memorize ALL of the steps to writing the WRA I prior to your Diploma Exams in June. I split you into 5 groups. Each group was responsible for analyzing one set of three sources, and then delivering a short presentation on their analysis and the relationship between the sources. You all did an amazing job on this activity! 

We next have class on May 22nd. On that day you will have the Unit 1 Final Exam. You will need to study for this exam completely on your own. I have taught this material to you already (for the most part), some of the content was taught in Grade 11, and some in the first semester of Grade 12. You need to use the study guide below to prepare for this exam. Study hard people!

  • Chapter 1 and 2 Key Terms (please see the Chapter 1-2 Test Study Guide for a list of terms
  • Study the Ideology Notes (Black Gold School District PDF file, on the Social 30-1 wiki, and in your study booklets, pages 5-10)
  • Review Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau (view of the nature of human beings, how society should be organized, people's role in society; see PowerPoint "Introducing Government" on the wiki)
  • Study "Ideology and Identity" PowerPoint 
  • Study the 19th Century Political Spectrum
  • Study the 20th Century Political spectrum
  • Study the political-economic grid
  • Know the values and ideas associated with the various ideologies (on the 19th century and 20th century spectrums)
  • Study the Individualism and Collectivism booklet that is in your study booklets (pages 11-15)
  • you need to be able to apply your knowledge and understanding of these concepts/ideas
  • there are a lot of source-based questions on this exam! (there are references to Nazi Germany, the USSR)

I showed you a short documentary on the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. The documentary was from the CBC show "The Fifth Estate", and it was called "Made in Bangladesh" (see below). I also collected your TNC Dossier Assignments today at the beginning of class. On Tuesday, May 22nd you will be writing your Unit 3 Final Exam, please see the study guide below (under the embedded YouTube video). This Thursday (May 17th) you will be writing your Unit 3 WRA II Essay. I did some review today after the "Made in Bangladesh" on how to write the WRA II. I'll be giving out the essay question sheet tomorrow in all likelihood.

You wrote your Unit 2 Final Exam today, you should get the results later today on HomeLogic. Don't forget that your Unit 2 research project is due tomorrow.

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