Tuesday, May 29, 2018

May 29

I continued the Social 30-1 review today. I finished off the structure of the American government (page 66 in your coursebook) and I also covered the structure of the Canadian system. We'll keep working on democratic systems tomorrow. I've decided to cancel the Political Systems Exam that I was going to give you on Thursday. We need the review time for the course. 

I did a homework check on your Chapter 12 Key Terms and Questions. I went through a lecture on French-English Relations in Canada today, and tomorrow I will deliver my last lecture on Unit 4 material, which looks at regionalism in Canada. 

Your Unit 3 Final Exam is one week from today, on Tuesday, June 5th. Please see the study guide below.

Please review all of the Unit 3 PowerPoint presentations (you can find them on the Social 20-1 wiki):
  • "Nations, Nation-States and Internationalism"
  • "Canada's Foreign Policy"
  • "Nationalism and Internationalism"
Please review all of the Unit 3 Key Terms from the Unit 3 Worksheet in addition to the key concepts that were introduced in the PowerPoint presentations. In addition to this, I would like to emphasize the following points with you:
  • know the difference between multilateralism, unilateralism and bilateralism and know examples of each
  • know the spectrum of foreign policy: internationalism, nationalism, ultranationalism, and supranationalism
  • know the different foreign policy options
  • know the 6 themes of Canadian foreign policy/Canada's foreign policy goals
  • what influences foreign policy decisions?
  • methods of foreign policy
  • motivations for nations involvement or non-involvement in international affairs
  • how can foreign policy promote internationalism?
  • tied aid, bilateral aid, multilateral aid
  • examples of INGOs and IGOs
  • the United Nations (organization/structure, bodies, etc.)
  • peacemaking vs. peacekeeping (and examples)
  • different understandings of internationalism (types of internationalism)
  • why do international organizations exist? purposes and examples

For your Final Exam Part "A",you should prepare arguments and evidence for an essay that is discussing the value conflict between the pursuit of national interest and the pursuit of international interest. You have 16 days until your Final Exam Part "B" (80 multiple choice questions). I pointed out that you have the study guide at the back of your Social 20-1 coursebooks. Most of the PowerPoint lectures are in the booklet. Please don't re-read the textbook to study! Please study from the coursebook. You should have nice notes in the booklet at this point in the course, it's just time to start going back and reviewing what you've learned. I listed off all of the key concepts from all four units, gave you a list of the lecture titles (most are in the coursebook), and gave you even more tips for review. 

You wrote your Chapter 15-16 Test today. Tomorrow's debate topic is as follows: "BIRT globalization helps spread democracy and improve human rights in the world". On the Unit 4 page of the Social 10-1 wiki, you'll see that I've posted some articles with different perspectives on this topic, which should help you frame your arguments. 

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