Monday, May 23, 2016

You should have previewed ALL of the Unit 2 presentations from the IB 30/35 wiki this long weekend, as well as completed all of the Unit 1 work by Tuesday.

You are writing your Chapter 10 Test on Wednesday, May 25th, please see the study guide below.

This test is multiple choice format, with 55 questions. Please review the PowerPoint "Political Challenges to Liberalism". You're responsible for all key terms and questions from the Chapter 10 Worksheet. Please review the following as well: 
  • Democratic Systems (handout notes)
  • Non-Democratic Systems (handout notes)
  • Structure of Canadian Government
  • Structure of American Government
  • similarities/differences between the parliamentary system and presidential system
  • types of dictatorships
  • techniques of dictatorships
  • authoritarian systems
  • proportional representation concept
  • first past the post system
  • review political and economic spectrum (again!)

You are writing your Unit 3 Final Exam on Tuesday, May 24th. Please see the study guide below.

Please make sure that you have read Chapters 10-14. Please make sure that you have the following PowerPoint presentations, and that you study from them:

  • "Foundations of Economic Globalization"
  • "The Expansion of Economic Globalization"
  • "Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Globalization"
  • "The Impact of Economic Globalization on Environments"
  • "Globalization and Sustainability"
Make sure that you have reviewed the Key Terms from Unit 3 (all the terms listed on the Unit 3 Worksheet, plus the extra key terms that appeared in the PowerPoint presentations). The Unit 3 Final Exam will consist of 50-60 multiple choice questions.

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