Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10

We had a class today to review for the Paper 3 exam that you have this Thursday, May 12th. Please add to the Paper 3 Review Google Doc in the next few days. We're starting Social 30-1 material on May 16th. You also have class again on May 19th.

I went through a PowerPoint presentation really quickly today called "Political Challenges to Liberalism". Most of the content in this lecture has been covered already in Unit 2 and Unit 3. You also had some time today to start reading up on the history of modern China, since I'm using the PRC as a case study of authoritarianism. Please have  a look at the upcoming important dates:

  • USA-Canada Comparative Government Assignment is due on Friday, May 13th
  • US Civil Rights Movement Assignment (questions on the front only) are due on Monday, May 16th

I went through a PowerPoint lecture today called "The Impacts of Economic Globalization on the Environment". I then showed a video from the CBC show "The Fifth Estate" called "Made in Bangladesh". If you missed class today, you can watch the video below. You should also check out the following articles, that will give you different perspectives on the factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Don't forget that your TNC Dossier Assignments are due tomorrow.

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