Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13

We have class on Monday, May 16th, we're starting Social 30-1 material then.

We finished off the "Globalization and Sustainability" presentation today.I will probably update this presentation to reflect new developments like the Sustainable Development Goals that were created I also gave you the Unit 3 WRA II Essay question sheet, and you had some class time to brainstorm in a small group about the source. You'll be writing this essay on Wednesday, May 18th in the Blenheim Room.

I went through definitions of liberalism and illiberalism today and talked about the War Measures Act and the instances in Canadian history when this legislation was used. Make sure that you read, highlight and annotate the Unit 3 Rights Notes (page 247) in your Social 30-1 workbooks.

Please check out the upcoming important dates:

  • Civil Rights Movement Assignment is due on May 16th
  • Chapter 9 Key Terms and Questions are due on May 16th
  • Chapter 11 Key Terms and Questions are due on May 17th
  • Unit 3 WRA I is on Thursday, May 19th

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