Monday, May 09, 2016

May 9

There was no class today because you wrote your Paper 2 today. Please check the schedule below for upcoming important dates. I'll see you in class tomorrow for our Paper 3 review session.

  • Paper 3 Review session is on Tuesday, May 10th (during regular class time)
  • Paper 3 is on Thursday, May 12th (pm)

We finished watching "Globalization is Good" today. I had time to read Chapter 13 and work on the key terms and questions for this chapter. The Chapter 13 Key Terms and Questions are due tomorrow.

You got your Unit 2 WRA II assignment back today at the beginning of class. I want you to go to the following website: tonight, We'll have a discussion about your results tomorrow. We had a class discussion around three different questions:

  • Should the voting age be lowered?
  • Should voting be mandatory?
  • Should everyone over the age of 18 be allowed to vote?  

Next, I split you into four groups to summarize some of the viewpoints in the classroom, and then we had a whole class discussion about the issues related to these questions. Please remember that your USA-Canada Comparative Government Assignments are due on Friday, May 13th. You are strongly encouraged to work with a partner on this assignment. One week from today, your Civil Rights Movement is due one week from today (May 16th)

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