Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24

I covered "The Development of Classical Liberalism" today, but you need to study the French Revolution and Industrial Revolution sections of the presentation. Tomorrow, we're covering "Responding to Classical Liberalism".

I showed you part of the documentary "Unconstitutional", which covers some of the abuses that happened post-9/11.

You are writing your Chapter 10 Test tomorrow, please see the study guide below.The questions that you should focus on in your yellow multiple choice booklets are the following: Test III Q 1-  69, Q71, Q 74-75, and Test IV Q16-20.

This test is multiple choice format, with 55 questions. Please review the PowerPoint "Political Challenges to Liberalism". You're responsible for all key terms and questions from the Chapter 10 Worksheet. Please review the following as well: 
  • Democratic Systems (handout notes)
  • Non-Democratic Systems (handout notes)
  • Structure of Canadian Government
  • Structure of American Government
  • similarities/differences between the parliamentary system and presidential system
  • types of dictatorships
  • techniques of dictatorships
  • authoritarian systems
  • proportional representation concept
  • first past the post system
  • review political and economic spectrum (again!)

You wrote your Unit 3 Final Exam today, you'll get the results back tomorrow. Your Chapter 15 Key Terms and Questions are due tomorrow. On Thursday, June 2nd you'll be writing your Chapter 15-16 Test. Please see the study guide below.

This quiz will follow the typical format: a matching section, a multiple choice section and a short answer section. Please use the following study guide.

Study from your textbook and the following PowerPoint presentations:
  • "Quality of Life, Human Rights, and Democratization" (ppt)
  • "Impacts of Globalization on Groups in Society" (ppt)
Key Terms:
  • Chapter 15 Key Terms (from Unit 4 Worksheet)
  • Chapter 16 Key Terms (from Unit 4 Worksheet)
  • additional key terms from the presentations that correspond to Chapters 15 and 16
Key Questions:
  • What are human rights?
  • What is democratization?
  • What is quality of life?
  • What is standard of living?
  • How are ideas about human rights and democracy related?
  • How are globalization, human rights, and democracy related?
  • How have ideas about human rights changed over time?
  • What is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
  • What is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms?
  • In what ways does globalization affect the lives of children and youth?
  • In what ways does globalization affect the lives of women?

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