Monday, December 11, 2017

December 11

You got your Paper 1 on Case Study 1 (Japanese expansionism) back today. I went through areas that need improvement for the class as a whole. The rest of the period was spent in the computer lab preparing for tomorrow's debate on the following statement: "Hitler had a clear plan for achieving his foreign policy goals when he took power." You have already been split into two camps for this debate, side proposition (which agrees with the statement), and side opposition (which disagrees). Please don't forget that you have another Paper 1 this Friday (December 15th), where 1/2 the class will write on Italian expansionism, and 1/2 the class will write on German expansionism. Please review my lectures and the appropriate sections in your The Move to Global War textbook.

I finished off the PowerPoint presentation "Quality of Life, Human Rights, and Democratization" today. I gave you the remainder of class time to work on your Chapter 16 Key Terms and Questions. Your Chapter 15 Key Terms and Questions are due tomorrow (December 12th).

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