Wednesday, December 13, 2017

December 13

We went through possible argumentation and evidence for the Unit 3 WRA II Essay. I showed you a sample essay outline and had you work in small groups a few times during the class to brainstorm possible arguments and pieces of evidence. Please go directly to the computer lab tomorrow.

Here's the link to the CBC documentary on the Rana Plaza disaster, it's called "Made in Bangladesh":

Please make sure that you have read Chapters 10-14. Please make sure that you have the following PowerPoint presentations, and that you study from them:

  • "Foundations of Economic Globalization"
  • "The Expansion of Economic Globalization"
  • "Challenges and Opportunities of Economic Globalization"
  • "The Impact of Economic Globalization on Environments"
  • "Globalization and Sustainability"
Make sure that you have reviewed the Key Terms from Unit 3 (all the terms listed on the Unit 3 Worksheet, plus the extra key terms that appeared in the PowerPoint presentations). The Unit 3 Final Exam will consist of 50-60 multiple choice questions.

We went back to World History Topic 11: Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars today by starting a lecture called "The Second World War in Europe and North Africa". I also showed you Episode 1 of WWII in Colour. We'll continue our examination of WWII tomorrow.

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