Friday, December 08, 2017

December 7

Sorry, it looks like I forgot to post this yesterday, better late than never...

I started a lecture today called "Quality of Life, Human Rights and Democratization". I stopped on the slide that dealt with the history of human rights. We'll pick this lecture up again on Monday. I gave you about 40 minutes to work on your Chapter 15 Key Terms and Questions. If you're not going to be at school on the date of the Final Exam Part "A", we will need to set a day for you to write this exam prior to your departure (probably Wednesday of this coming week).

I shared with you a Google Doc that forces you to review some of the concepts that you were taught in Case Study 2. Please submit this assignment to me by Thursday, December 14th (please share it with my GMail account). I also split you into two groups for our debate that we'll be having on Tuesday. You should have been invited to your group's Google Doc group to organize your research. Please invite me to your Google Doc debate groups please!

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